What I can do for you

House renovations, extensions and retrofitting, apartment refits, space planning, and brainstorming sessions for the smaller stuff. 

It always starts with a lot of listening.

Every home I design is very different, because every client is unique. My inspiration comes from you. I spend a lot of time listening to your unique needs and distinctive tastes.  My motivation is that the finished space reflects you as an individual, and not my ego as a designer.

How I charge

Unlike many interior design practices I pass on all my trade discounts directly to my clients. I take no cut on the furniture and fittings I buy on your behalf. This means my loyalty lies solely with you. This also means I won't benefit from you buying more expensive items. 

I don't believe in wasting money. I believe in good design, and that's created by spending time and careful attention. 

I'm completely transparent about the costs and my fees from the onset. Clients are given a breakdown of the fees for various stages, and they can decide how much or how little they use my services, and know exactly what they'll get for their money. 


Concept Proposals

A great way to start the process, and sometimes it’s all a client may need, is a concept proposal package. For €595 I’ll come to your house, and we’ll spend 2 hours together looking at everything that’s not working, anything you’re scratching your head over, and I’ll share lots of recommendations on everything from possible structural changes, to cushion colours. I’ll record the audio of this so that nothing is forgotten, and I’ll take lots of photos of the existing space. A few days later you'll receive by email and in hard copy by post a series of concept boards giving visuals to the ideas, and a detailed action plan . 

Here’s how some former clients found the experience:

‘I commissioned Sarah to give me a two-hour consultation in my home so as to provide some suggestions to enhance each of the eight rooms. Sarah surveyed each room and had wonderful ideas about matters such as rugs, lighting, painting a wall of the larger rooms. On the limited budget that I had, I achieved the goal of transforming the look and feel of the house”.  E. Hurley.

‘Sarah really opened our eyes to seeing the potential in our house that we couldn’t have seen without the help of her trained eye. I was really impressed by the huge improvements we were able to make with small, inexpensive changes based on her advice. Also by how much we were able to achieve in just one meeting ‘  G. Hickey