Airbnb hosting can potentially change your life.

A lot of other Airbnb consultants on the net make big claims, ‘become a millionaire’ type stuff. So here’s the truth unless you’re already a millionaire with a portfolio full of properties that's not likely.

Here’s what I can tell you. Getting an additional source of income that requires a minimal amount of attention and time from you, creates a shift in your life. You create either additional income, or additional free time, or both. Two things you may not have now. Either, or both of these things give you more freedom, and more options. This ‘shift’ can move your life in a whole new direction.

How I can help?

The gap between putting up a listing as an Airbnb host, hoping for the best, and succeeding is wide. Do it badly, you won't get any booking, or worse you'll get bookings and then bad reviews. Once that happens, it's hard to recover. There's a lot to consider. As the saying goes ‘if you’re going to do something, do it well’.

I'll show you how to do it well. 

We'll look at everything that can make or break your success with Airbnb - the wording of your listing,  your price point, how you communicate with your guests,  your space, your commitment. My expertise in all these areas comes from being a host for 3 years, and an interior designer for 15 years. I have extensive experience hosting both renting out the entire property when I'm abroad, and sharing my house with guests when I'm at home. I have  consistent 5 star ratings in both areas, and have recently been given the badge of honour of 'Superhost' for the quality of my hosting.    

Like many businesses, and it's important to think of this as a business, all aspects and areas of the business need to be working. If you're weak in one area, you've lost it. I'll guide you through every area to give you the best chance of success. 


Consultations. 'Every space is unique,  and every host is unique'

One of the beautiful things about Airbnb is that every space is unique,  and every host is unique. This is why one on one support is so beneficial in the process of setting up this business.

Skype Consultations.


* 1hr meeting to discuss in detail your unique needs and lifestyle, and what you have to offer. What do you want  Airbnb to do for you? 

*an in-depth analyse of your property through photo, and or video footage sent by clients, with a full written report containing observations and recommendations. 

*a mock up of your listing including carefully and thoughtfully worded descriptions.

* a second 1 hr Skype meeting to discuss the interior and listing mock up.

* a 1hr post set up meeting to look at any challenges in the first few experiences in hosting, and tweak anything in the listing accordingly. 

Cost €475.  


 In Person Consultations and Property Visits (available in Ireland and Bali)


*An in-depth consultation at your property. Firstly we'll look at your unique needs and lifestyle, at what you have to offer, and what you want Airbnb to do for you. Secondly, we'll discuss and I'll share my interior design knowledge from the vantage point of how to make your property as attractive as possible to prospective guests. 

*a mock up of your listing including carefully and thoughtfully worded descriptions.

*Just before launching your property on the site I'll come and take photographs that show your property at it's best, and discuss any last minute ideas or changes. 

*Post launch Skype or telephone meeting to tweak any features, or advice on any challenges. 

Cost €575

My Airbnb Story 

2012 was not an easy time in Ireland. Our ‘Celtic Tiger economy’, of which I had done well out of, had dramatically collapsed, and the demand for interior designers had gone with it. In September 2012 I was looking towards a long Winter with not much work on the books.   I had daydreams about spending the winter somewhere warm and wonderful, and getting my yoga teaching qualification.

Some ‘think out of the box’ thinking was required. I’d heard about Airbnb from friends. As soon as I looked at the site, I felt such an excitement that ‘this is the answer’. And it really was. I had bookings and enquiries within days. Now, 3 years later I can say without hesitation Airbnb has changed my life utterly

Within weeks of being on Airbnb I was in Bali training to be a yoga teacher, and then life just kept getting juicer. I had created a situation where I could seriously ponder 'if I'm free to do anything with my life, what do I want to do? After the teacher training I stayed to work and live in Bali, as a yoga assistant and using my design experience to help a local children's charity. Then I  went with the same yoga school to Costa Rica, and did additional trainings in New York.  My Airbnb income supported all of this. The 'space' that Airbnb has given me has lead me to everything from featuring in ad campaigns, to finding the time to design and teach my own interior design course, I'm even dabbling in a little chocolate making business. 

The other thing Airbnb has given me is platform to show the world my design work. As a direct result of Airbnb my design work has featured  in magazines, tv adverts, photo shoots, and recently as a location in the film History's Future. 

 What has Airbnb done for me? It's made life much juicer!


Discussing my Airbnb experience on the Irish Times Travel Show.